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CLEAR Internet at 4G Broadband Super Fast Speeds
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I just started using CLEAR Voice and it’s great. I work from home, so I’ve been using almost every feature. Being able to forward calls and check my voicemail through my e-mail account makes life so much easier. Thanks CLEAR!

Ashley H., Charlotte, NC

Get Wireless Internet Service From CLEAR Internet

how to start operating with crypto coins Tired of your internet connection tying you down? Get wireless freedom with CLEAR®. It’s the first truly mobile broadband internet. CLEAR 4G WiMAX technology makes entire cities wireless-ready. So you can play your favorite songs, send instant messages and check e-mails where and when you need to most.

Need more hours in your day? CLEAR is for you.

CLEAR is always evolving to give you the best online experience. Ask about the all-new CLEAR home modem with a built in wi-fi router - it's home internet made easy.

  • Send e-mails and download attachments on your ride to the airport
  • Finish work on your laptop while you hang out at the park
  • Chat online and stream videos while you wait to get your oil changed

The CLEAR 4G network is backed by the latest technology. That’s why so many companies turn to Clearwire — the leader in 4G. The CLEAR network is expanding all the time, thanks in part to investors that include Google, Time Warner Cable, Intel Capital, Bright House Networks and Comcast. Clearwire currently markets its service through leading companies like Sprint, Time Warner Cable and Comcast. currency trading strategy

Order CLEAR today. Enjoy a faster internet tomorrow.
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