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Mobile Internet Connection for Home Internet with WiMAX
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CLEAR WiMAX Technology

What is WiMAX?

WiMAX is a new type of wireless network built exclusively by CLEAR. With WiMAX, entire cities become wireless. So instead of searching for Wi-Fi hotspots, CLEAR customers can hop on the WiMAX network and get online at their home office, in a cab or at the park downtown. Plus, WiMAX delivers DSL speeds on the go so users are never tied down.*


Shortly after WiMAX launched in 2009, people started talking about LTE (Long-Term Evolution), a similar mobile internet service. They both offer 4G services and technologies, but because WiMAX rolled out first, it’s currently available in more markets than LTE.

WiMAX equipment is also more affordable than LTE, and CLEAR offers monthly internet plans starting at just $30/month.**

Where is WiMAX?

The 4G WiMAX coverage area is expanding every day. From the suburbs of Atlanta to the Las Vegas strip, WiMAX provides super fast mobile internet to millions of Americans. Coverage for both CLEAR and LTE powered internet is expected to rapidly expand in the next two years. Check out our Coverage map to find out if CLEAR covers your city.

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