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Mobile Internet Connection for Home Internet with WiMAX
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All you need is CLEAR® and your computer to access the 4G wireless speeds across your city. And getting started is easy. CLEAR offers simple and affordable internet plans for home, on-the-go and Voice – a VoIP technology for your home phone.

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The 4G wireless internet difference

WiMAX technology creates a new kind of wireless internet. It keeps you connected, so you can get more done no matter where you need to go. CLEAR offers affordable prices and delivers an internet experience thats unlike anything else. When you choose CLEAR, you get the latest WiMAX technology, affordable prices, flexible plans and a wireless internet connection that’s there for you 24/7.

Five great things CLEAR Internet does for you:

  1. Gives you wireless freedom – Get super fast wireless internet access across entire cities.
  2. Handles the details – We’ll answer your questions and get you online by tomorrow.
  3. Keeps you connected – Video chat from your backyard or in a cab.
  4. Makes life easy – No installation and no appointments. Need we say more?
  5. Protects your online activity – CLEAR runs on an extremely secure network.

Order CLEAR today. Enjoy a faster internet tomorrow.
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